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Test Takers

Welcome to the University Testing Center, a secure place to take online exams on new, hardwired computers to help reduce the likelihood of hardware or connection failures during testing.

A Quiet Room for more focused testing is also available, but please note that it’s not a fully accessible testing space. Students with accommodations authorized by the Office of Accessibility Services may discuss with instructors about taking their exams at the OAS Testing Center.

Test Taker Expectations

University expectations and regulations will be enforced in the University Testing Center. You should be familiar with the Student Conduct Code and the Academic Integrity Code.

Before booking your exam

  • Verify credentials. Exams in the Testing Center are generally available via eCampus. Be sure you can access eCampus before scheduling your testing seat. Students will need to contact ITS if they have difficulty logging in. While ITS is very responsive, log in issues may delay the test or cut into available testing time.

  • Verify permitted location. Some exams are limited to specific spaces such as the classroom or a departmental computer lab. Verify with the instructor which space(s) are permitted for your exam.

  • Verify time slots. Verify through either course materials or your instructor the date(s) and time(s) the exam is available for testing. Some instructors assign a narrow window of opportunity for completing the exam, others allow a broader time frame. Know what the instructor expects.

Booking your exam and desk assignment

  • Book your seat. Book your assigned seat by using the booking platform here:

  • Choose exam date and time. When permitted by the instructor, you may book your testing seat from a choice of time slots.

  • Receive booking confirmation. You will receive booking confirmation with your desk assignment through your MIX email account.

  • Cancel or reschedule. Use the same process to cancel or reschedule a test seat.

NOTE: Assigned test seating means improved contact tracing in the event of a COVID-19 exposure on campus.

Book via email

Before you arrive…

  • Limit personal belongings. All bags and other personal belongings must be stowed on the rack beneath your assigned seat. All phones, watches, fitness trackers or other internet-connected devices must be turned off and stowed beneath the seat. No billed hats may be worn during the test. Improper use of any personal belongings will be documented by staff and reported to the relevant exam stakeholders.

  • Verify approved test taking materials. Unless specifically allowed by the instructor, no notes, calculators, scratch paper or other materials will be permitted during the exam. Students must provide any allowed materials except for scratch paper, which will be provided by the Testing Center and collected at the end of the exam.

When you arrive…

  • Bring WVU ID. You are required to present their WVU ID at check-in and check-out. You will not be permitted entry without your own ID. Use of someone else’s ID is strictly prohibited.

  • Arrive a few minutes early. Upon arrival, enter the lobby and register at the check-in station with your valid WVU ID.

  • Locate your seat. Locate your assigned workstation. If permitted by the exam scenario, you may log into eCampus in preparation for the exam.

  • Access your exam. You can access your exam through your MIX email account.

  • Notify staff quickly of technical issues. Staff may be able to troubleshoot certain technical issues or move the student to a different workstation. If needed, staff will document issues to assist instructors in the rescheduling of an exam. It is the instructor’s discretion whether to reschedule an exam or reset an exam attempt.

During your exam…

  • Staff support. Testing Center staff may issue notifications regarding testing updates, procedures, permitted materials, etc. through either the booking module or Navigate.

  • Proctoring. Proctors may monitor the testing space and document any technical issues. Staff can assist students with technical issues accessing the exam, and if needed, help confirm the successful submission of the exam.

  • Avoid closing the browser. Depending on the test settings, closing the web browser may submit an incomplete exam. The ability to resume or restart the exam will be dependent upon the test settings determined by the instructor.

  • Confirm exam submission. Exam submissions are typically visible in My Grades, depending on the class organization in eCampus. Refer questions regarding test status or scores to the instructor. 

  • Bathroom breaks. One bathroom is available in the lobby. Please notify staff if a bathroom break is needed so they can verify the bathroom is available. Remember, any time spent away from the test is time not spent on the test.


Email or call 304-293-2169 for more information.

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