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With 200 hardwired PCs and a separate 8-seat Quiet Room, the University Testing Center offers the flexibility for test takers to take online exams outside the classroom.

Faculty and instructors may book the entire space for course exams/class exams or open a window of availability to allow students to schedule seats at their own convenience.

Students may select their own workstation through a visual floorplan, safely store their belongings below their seat and take their test through a secure network on a hardwired PC, which may reduce the likelihood of hardware or connection-based failures during testing.

All workstations feature a new, all-in-one PC for eCampus compatible testing that permits optimum functionality and security through various set-up options.

To maximize security, the room is monitored by security cameras and hosts a check-in / check-out station where students are required to present valid WVU IDs through Navigate. The Testing Center will work with academic departments and faculty to arrange proctoring, if desired. 

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